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WISE SerTech Inc. is an Asian-language service provider. We have been specializing in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and East Asian languages since 2001.
We provide clients with the highest level of language, testing and documentation services. This is made possible by providing expert industry knowledge and working with the latest technology. We treat every job with the greatest level of care, every time without exceptions.

Recent Projects
    Project No. Industry Project Name Volume Language Pair Project Period
WS-1805181 Machinery / Heavy Equipment / Metal Semiconductor manuals 268K words ENG -> KOR 20180515~20180613
WS-1805153 Electric / Electronic / Automation CANON Vision Edition manual 19 hours ENG -> KOR 20180524 ~ 20180531
WS-1805083 Legal / Contract Equipment Supply Agreement 8 K char. KOR -> ENG 20180510 ~ 20180523
WS-1805068 Localization / Software Teamcenter localization 27 K words ENG -> KOR 20180510 ~ 20180523
WS-1805046 Chemistry / Physics / Atomic Material Safety Data Sheet 15 K char KOR -> ENG 20180508 ~ 20180517

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